Selling a probate property poses some unique challenges, both emotionally, but also from a practical point of view for the executor or personal representative.

Probate properties tend to be in a poor state of repair, or in need of modernisation and so can be quite difficult to value. In the interim period before making a sale, the property will need to be managed, which can in itself be a challenge especially, as in many cases, the property is not local to you which makes ‘keeping an eye on it’ difficult. And finally, when you make a sale, you want to achieve the best possible price and, as executor, you may need to demonstrate that you have acted properly to ensure the best sale price.

We’ve created the Probate Property Shop to take these challenges away and make selling probate property as stress-free as possible during what are already pretty trying circumstances.

First, we offer a property management service that can help make sure the probate property is secure, tidied up and ready to be marketed for sale. This service covers things like securing new locks, adding CCTV surveillance, emptying immersion heaters and radiators in wintertime, organising a house clearance and tidying up the garden.  We can also help with identifying and arranging for specialist reports for specific issues which may affect the smooth sale, such as structural issues, subsidence, damp or even Japanese Knotweed problems.

We also offer a property inspection service that helps you to ensure that you meet any insurance criteria. Sadly, many people do not realise that you may require specialist insurance for empty probate properties, which usually require regular visits as a condition. Our service ensures you meet these criteria, giving you peace of mind in the event of an insurance claim.

Finally, we offer a bespoke marketing service to ensure an effective probate property sale that achieves the best possible price. There are three main ways to sell a probate property, including sale by auction, informal tender or by private treaty. We can tell you more about all of these sales approaches and recommend and implement the best approach for your circumstances.

For more information about how we can help with managing and selling probate property, contact us on 020 3758 7650 or e-mail